Living Room Design - Part 2 lamps & jars

Recently I featured my daughter's new living room design. She has been working with Mary Carol Garrity founder of Nell Hills in the design of the room. Here is an updated picture of the living room with a few new layers added.

The last time you saw the room, there were no lamps and the tables were bare.

My daughter has now added new layers from Nell Hills and Pottery Barn. The last time you saw the table below it had no lamps or layers.

Now a black lamp from Pottery Barn was added plus a small chest, clock and vase.

Layers have also been added to the buffet. One of my favorite pieces of the room is this white lacy giner jar from Nell Hills.

The white jar sits on the buffet with a slate blue urn from Restoration Hardware. To give the urn a little height, a few books were stacked beneath it. A small fern was also added to the grouping.

Although the buffet is not completely finished a rustic lamp from Nell Hills has also been added. More layers will be coming for the buffet.

Remember the middle pillow on the couch, there is still a piece ordered using this same fabric.

Maybe it will be in by my next posting on this living room. Hope you enjoy watching this room evolve!

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Living Room Design

My daughter and family recently moved and have been working with a designer in her area on a new living room. The designer is Mary Carol Garrity, Founder of Nell Hill's. Mary Carol is fabulous and is also the author of several books. Although the room is not completely finished I wanted to share the first few layers of Mary Carol's design for the room.
You can see the living is a large room with tall windows. My daughter took pictures of the empty room to Mary Carol and the design work began. The large mirror was already on the wall and my daughter had the buffet from her dining room set.

The sofa is from Mary Carol's store, Nell Hill's, the chairs were recovered with fabric from her. The huge painting on the wall below was also from the store.

The sofa was a floor model that Mary Carol had in the store for a few days.

My son-in-law wanted a piano for the room.

The pictures below are of the streets of Paris.

The blue shabby chic looking shutters were used in place of draperies. Lamps haven't been selected yet nor the tables and buffet decorated but I'll share pictures as these are added.

The shutters were the perfect color of blue to go with the blue in the side chairs and rug.

The blue chair is a linen fabric from Nell Hill's and the velvet monagram pillow was also designed by her.

My daughter bought the rug below from Pottery Barn before she started working with Mary Carol so added a larger rug beneath it from Nell Hill's.
Keep watching as the room developes. She has another piece ordered that is the same fabric as the pillow on the sofa. What do you think that piece will be?

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Beautiful Blue Monday

Look at this beautiful blue sky! What a morning to make you feel great and get the day going in a positive way; see what the day has to offer. The morning sun rays are magnificant as they shine through those morning clouds. You are now ready to brighten up your day, and put a smile on your face. My husband always says "it a new adventure."

Remember 911

Ten years ago today, I remember sitting in my high school business education classroom when we started hearing something was going on with the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan in New York City. Instantly my students and I started to look at on-line news to find out what was going on. We read the first announcement about an explosion at the first tower. Then we saw the second one get hit by a plane. My students and I were in such shock that this could happen on our homeland. As my classes progressed throughout the day, all of my students wanted to read about the tragedy on-line and I remember how each was moved in his/her own way. In the days that followed by students created presentations paying tribute to those who lost their lives on 911.

Many Glacier Lake

The waters of Many Glacier Lake were so beautiful and so peaceful. Many Glacier is an area within Glacier National Park which is located in the state of Montana. The Many Glacier region is located north of the Going-to-the-Sun Road on the east side of the park. The water was a magnificent color of blue. We filled our days with sight-seeing, hiking, boating and everyday we loved the wonders of nature.

We took a boat ride across Many Glacier Lake and it was so relaxing. Standing in front of the lake was the Many Glacier Hotel.

The hotel was under construction while we were there but was such a awesome site with the blue skies and blue water.

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Watery Wednesday

Muir Woods

We were vacationing in San Francisco and decided to take a bus tour over the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods Redwood Forest. Oh was I glad we did, I was just in awe of this beautiful, ancient redwood forest that was truly unique.

Do you know that Redwoods grow taller than any other tree species in the world. The average age of the redwoods in Muir Woods ranges from 400–800 years old. I think that is just amazing.
Wish I could have spent the day there, but the bus was about to leave me!!

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An Old Lantern

I had an old lantern that I used on the deck at  Halloween. Usually, a burning candle was inside and I enjoyed it for several years at Halloween time. Since it was getting rusty and needed a little attention, I pray painted the lantern and gave it a revived look, brought it inside and gave it a new resting  spot on by sideboard in our entry. Now the lantern has a birds nest with Fall flowers, leaves, and berries. A little bird has found its way to the nest also.

Glacier National Park

We visited Glacier National Park in Montana, "the blues" were all around us. The sky was a magnificant color of blue. We filled our days with sight-seeing, hiking, boating and everyday we loved the wonders of nature.

The water of the lakes in Glacier was also beautiful blues.

Many Glacier Hotel was under construction while we were there but was such a awesome site with the blue skies and blue water.

Hope you have enjoyed my "blues" this Monday.

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Smiling Sally