At The Lake - American White Pelican Migration

Living near Kentucky Lake, we get to enjoy the water and the migration of the American White Pelicans. 

We are boaters so we are at the lake every weekend and sometimes during the week (nice part about being retired).

The American White Pelicans arrive at Kentucky Lake in September, and we love to go "pelican hunting".

For me, Pelican Hunting means trying to get the best photographs I can of these huge birds. I have a zoom lens on my camera, but it is often not quite enough to get that perfect pic. Guess I need a bigger zoom!

Because they are usually in such shallow water, we often take out one of our fishing boats. The shallow water makes it difficult to get close to the pelicans. 

Whether it is a single pelican or a pod of pelicans, it's always a thrill to find them. Love the reflection in the bottom pic of the pelicans. 

A unique characteristic of the pelican is the "gular pouch" inside its beak. This pouch is used in catching fish and holding fish after they are scooped up. 

Their wings are white and black, and they can have a wingspan of 9 feet. 

The American white Pelicans have short strong legs with webbed toes which allows them to take off from the water. I plan to do a little more pelican hunting next weekend.

Thanks for stopping by to see the American White Pelicans - Judy.


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  1. Beautiful pelicans there. Great shots.

  2. Beautiful. I've seen pelicans in the zoo ... Your post makes me think of "The Pelican Brief". There are pelican flocks in the intro I think. Have a great time! Regula

  3. Hello,
    I love the White Pelicans, they are always a neat find. Great collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  4. You are so lucky to see their migration.

  5. I hope they fly down here to Florida! We usually see them at the Gulf coast...I'll let you know when we do. You got some great photos and had fun too!

  6. ...thanks for sharing, pelicans don't live here. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Thrilling encounters with American White Pelicans! Their gular pouch and majestic wingspan are impressive. Great shots!

  8. Wonderful!
    Sometimes we are lucky enough to see White Pelicans at Pickwick Lake during their migration.

  9. Lovely captures all!

  10. Hello Judy, :=)
    How lucky you are to be able to see the White Pelican out on the lake by boat. They are majestic water birds which you have captured well.
    Enjoy your week.

  11. Nice shots! I always like seeing pelicans.

  12. Pelicans and swans are always fun to see. Thanks for your blog visit!