Early Blooms for 2024

From Murray, Kentucky in the southern tip of Western Kentucky - growing zone 7b.

It's so exciting with the spring blooms begin to pop out. A couple of my beds are full of gorgeous blooms and colors.

We have been working in most of the beds cleaning out the winter debris and getting rid of some weeds already growing. 

The Variegated Vinca is growing and blooming.

My Bradford Pear tree blooms have popped open this week. Sadly, we lost a big limb out of the tree. You can see the woodpile underneath the tree where hubs has been cutting the limb up. 

I drive by this Bradford Pear every time I'm on the way to town. It is just beautiful!

My Jane magnolia tree has blooms on it. This is the third year for this compact tree, so it is still small, maybe 5 feet. They grow 10-15 feet tall with a maximum spread of 8-12 feet. I just love the color of the flowers. 

Enjoy your emerging gardens and keep digging in the dirt! I hope to get my dahlia bulbs planted in pots in our shop this week or next. 

We have two forsythia bushes that are in bloom.

Thanks for stopping by to see my spring blooms. - Judy.

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  1. All those daffodils! You have quite a selection. Your forsythias look so cheerful and the magnolia makes me impatient for spring to finally settle in. Thank you for the coming attractions. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. Your daffodil collection is splendid, Judy! I'm impressed you're able to photograph their pretty faces so well too. Your bradford pear and the one you spotted from the road are spectacular. Mine wasn't anywhere near as magnificent and it's already dropped most of its petals.

  3. Amazing to see the Magnolia in full bloom right now. Ours are in bud, and moving earlier than usual as well. Happy GBBD!

  4. It is so wonderful to see all your blooms! Even though we are both zone 7b, you are weeks ahead of us! The Magnolia is gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful blooms!
    Love Bradford Pears! Unfortunate that they are prone to break.
    Thanks for the Magnolia identification.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  6. Oh, my, that pear is magnificent!

  7. Hi Judy- it's a beautiful sight seeing your daffodils, forsythia and magnolia! You guys are way ahead of us! That Jane magnolia is beautiful, love the rich color.

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