At the Feeders and In The Trees #50

Today is my 50th post in my "At the Feeders and In The Trees" series. This series was started in December 2016. It wasn't always a weekly post then just evolved into something more regular. 

I was so thrilled to share an Eastern Bluebird visiting in the trees off the deck in the series Post #49 and now much to my surprise, the Bluebird made a return visit this week. 

It's a good thing my camera is always on the counter by the sliding glass door for quick access. The bluebird in looking down in the next picture. He seemed to be looking for insects and flew down to the ground quickly. 

Robins are making their appearance for Spring. They will soon be nesting in our area. They are known for eating worms but also eat insects and berries. They do migrate and return in the spring, often, with a new mate. 

The Carolina Wren

The Carolina Chickadee is such a cute little, tiny bird. 

He visited my feeders for the black-oil sunflower seeds. You can see one in his beak below. 

This Downy Woodpecker is a male, you can tell by the red coloring on the back of his head. 

The House Finch is often hard to identify from the Purple Finch. The House Finch is redder in color.

Here is a pic of a Purple Finch I took a while back. The Purple Finch is a beautiful raspberry color. There are other identifying features to distinguish these two birds. 

The Brown Thrasher has a down curved bill and a starring yellow eye. 

Did you know that the Brown Thrasher has over 1,100 different song types and can imitate other birds' songs?

The Tufted Titmouse is larger than the Chickadee. It has a crested head and notice the black patch above the bill. 

The titmouse has a large black eye with a thick neck. 

I snapped a pic of this Eastern Towhee in the trees near my feeders. 

A small Downy Woodpecker came up behind the Towee in the trees. 

I'm so happy to welcome spring into our area. My cherry trees are blooming. 

Take care and happy birding - Judy.

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