Cloche in Huntington Vignette

This is my first cloche party and I am using a glass hurricane filled with Fall potpourri. A wonderful Autumn scent fills the room! The lily pod is arranged to the front of the jar since I always enjoy looking at the pod. The seeds in the pod make it so interesting. There are also some pieces of bark and nuts which are all sitting on some tiny pumpkins.

I added the hurricane jar to my "Huntington Vignette" that you may have seen in an earlier post. 

Next I added a green speckled glass pumpkin purchased from a local gift shop a few years ago. 

 The orange specks of the pumpkin and it's curled brown glass stem are just striking and add such detail to the pumpkin. This pumpkin is one of my favorites. Here's a close-up shot of the pumpkin.

Last I added a fine hand towel stitched in "Happy Thanksgiving" to my cloche setting.

Thanks for stopping to see my Cloche in a Huntington Vignette post - Judy.

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Alaska's Blooming Beauties

When I visited Alaska in August, the flowers were beautiful. I saw yellows, pinks, and oranges in these blooming beauties.

Thanks for stopping by - Judy.

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Living Room Design - Part 3 - adding layers to the table

My daughter's living room now has another layer of design. I have been featuring these layers of design in her living room and this is the third post on the room design.  Hope you enjoy seeing the new layers. This post features a table that has been decorated.

If you have been following the previous posts on this Living Room Design, you will remember this table and how it was bare and waiting for layers of design to be added. Here's the table the first time you saw it:

Now for some closeups of the table layers. A mercury-finished pumpkin was added. Seems like I am seeing lots of the mercury-finished items on the market lately.

A small floral arrangement with pheasant feathers added from a recentl pheasant hunt in South Dakota by my husband and son-in-law. The arrangement is also in a mercury-finished vase.

A old chest was added to the first level of the table.

We had a little witch fly by and needed a place to land so she has a spot on the old chest on the table for a while. Check her out!!

Remember the middle pillow on the couch, there is still a piece ordered using this same fabric. Check back later for another post on this fabric.

If you would like to visit my previous posts on this Living Room Design, check them out:

Thanks for stopping by and viewing this Living Room Design - Part 3. - Judy

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Subtle Blue Halloween House

I thought you might enjoy seeing a Halloween house that wasn't too scrary, instead, it is a subtle shade of light blue. The house is full of ghosts and has a Halloween tree standing beside it.

The tree is decorated with grosts, goblins, bats, owls, a witch and cat. 

The house and tree are by Lenox. Thanks for stopping by to visit the soft blue Halloween house.- Judy

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Old Ebbitt Grill

I ate at this restaurant while on a trip, does anyone have an idea where this grill is located? Or has anyone else eaten there?

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Huntington Table Vignette

Look what I found in my closet, a Fitz and Floyd Huntington platter! I forgot I had gotten this piece last year on sale at the end of the season. So it's the first time out of the box for this beautiful platter. I just love the warm Fall colors in it.

I used the magnolia garland that has been used before on a tablescape. The orange berries in the garland look good with the colors of the platter.

The crystal candlesticks are from The Bagbey House in Franklin, TN. The owner is a former accounting student of mine. He has a fabulous shop.

The table runner is from a shop in Osage Beach, MO, I love the fall color of it and the candle light picks up the metallic sheen in the fabric.

The leaves on the platter and the berries in the swag tie all the Fall colors together with the red, oranges, greens, and browns. The gold rope trim on the platter is beautiful next to the leaves.

The handles of the platter are pheasant feathers. Other pieces of the Huntington group have pheasants and are just as gorgeous.

I hope to collection other pieces from this Huntington Collection over time.  

Thanks for stopping by my Huntington Vignette. Guess it pays to search the back of your closet!

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Our Spooky Halloween House

Each year I try to decorate a Halloween house with my grandsons. I don't have the time to make my own gingerbread so we buy a kit and have lots of fun with icing and candy. The candy may not end up in the exact spot I was thinking but who cares.

The house may not be perfect but it sure is a lot of fun with my grandsons. Nothing like making memories!

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Fall Dinner Party for Eight

As we all enjoy the Fall Season, I thought it would be fun to set the table for a Fall dinner party for eight. The party is in celebration of my son-in-laws birthday and the Fall decor is perfect for the party. I have used the burlap tablerunner and centerpieces in a previous post, (Burlap and Candlesticks on the Dining Room Table), but I haven't used it in a tablescape; so hope you enjoy this new post.

The dishes are from an old set that had belonged to my Mother.

 I have always admired the dishes and the Fall leaf design on them. The dishes are from Harmony House, West Wind pattern.

The flateware is 1847 Rogers Brother "The Colony" which had belonged to a great Aunt of my husbands. I had forgotten about it and found it in one of the drawers of my China cabinet. I polished it and was impressed how nice it still looked.

Thanks for visiting my Fall Dinner Party for Eight.

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