Friendsgiving and A Story

 Are you familiar with Friendsgiving? It is a mashup of "friends" and "Thanksgiving", and it refers to a large meal eaten with friends either on or near Thanksgiving.

We had the pleasure of joining some longtime dear friends for a Friendsgiving meal. 

This new holiday gathering can be celebrated in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. No holiday family drama on this occasion, just celebrating our friendship. We forgot to get a pic with our husbands included but here are the women. 

Adrienne, Joy and Judy (myself) have had a long friendship that got interrupted by time and relocating but somehow we are all now living very near each other. Joy and I knew each other in grade school and high school in Illinois (I'm a little older than her). Then we taught together a couple of years.  Adrienne met Joy and I in the late 70's and we all became friends. A few years later Adrienne and her husband moved 10 or more hours away followed by Joy and husband moving, then my husband and I moved.  Our friendship was on hold!

Fast forward 30 plus years and we are all now living in Murray, Kentucky. Somehow, fate brought us all together again and we love to celebrate. 

Joy was the hostess for our Friendsgiving celebration and her house and table were decorated to the nine's. Take a look at her table and sideboard:

I forgot to take pics of the fabulous food Joy prepared. (I'll do better next year). Our menu included:

Drinks and appetizers of mixed nuts and shrimp cocktail gave us some time to relax and visit. We always have so much to talk about and be thankful for!

Our meal started with turkey and wild rice soup followed by the main course of pork roast with apples and onions. For side dishes, Joy made asparagus casserole, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, ginger carrots, nine layer salad and the cutest turkey rolls. For dessert, Joy, made a delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake. I think she spent the whole day cooking!

Friendsgiving can be a casual event but why not make it a little formal when you have a host like Joy. She is a great cook and loves to decorate! Take a look at her giant turkey in the entryway.

We love celebrating our friendship so Friendsgiving is the perfect holiday for us to get together and be thankful.

Our group of friends plan to make Friendsgiving an annual tradition. How about you, do you celebrate Friendsgiving? If you haven't, it's the perfect time to invite your best friends over for a Friendsgiving celebration. 

Here's a pic with the husbands included when we were, again, celebrating our friendship on a different night. No one is sitting by their spouse so it is hard to tell who is married to who. Can you guess?

I'll draw some lines showing who goes with who. Did you guess any correctly?

Thanks for stopping by for our Friendsgiving celebration. Let me know about your plans to celebrate your friendships. 

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  1. Hi, Judy!!! What a GREAT story of friendship that has withstood the test of time and separation!!! How on earth ALL of you guys ended up in the same town now is a mystery! It’s great that that the gang’s all there now, and you can enjoy each other’s company often. Miss Joy put on quite a spread! I’ve never eaten asparagus casserole, but it sounds good. You didn’t mention desserts. I’ll bet whatever dessert was, it rocked! Or maybe you guys were all too full for dessert!😁 I didn’t get even ONE pairing right on the husbands and wives!😒 So wonderful to see friendships that have remained intact despite life’s pesky interruptions. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your friends! Take care!!!

  2. Thanks, Alycia. I forgot to add the dessert but I'll do it right now. Take care.

  3. Friendsgiving sounds lika a perfect holiday. Lovely friends and decorations

  4. How funny and lovely isn't. We, me girlfriend and myself had such a Friendsgiving ten days ago. We know us over 50 years. Yes it was wonderful.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  5. Judy - before COVID, we invited two or three couples over for Thanksgiving Day dinner - people like us without family nearby. I suppose that was Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving! This year, we are inviting one couple (we know they are vaccinated) for heavy appetizers the day after Thanksgiving. Who knows what next year will bring? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday with such a fabulous story of reunited friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. That is a wonderful idea! So great that all of you are now in Kentucky and are able to celebrate together. Everything looks so beautiful.


  7. This is a wonderful idea, especially for a retirement community like ours! Love this post! Happy Thanksgiving week!

  8. Happy Friendsgiving


  9. What a great story of friendship, Judy. How wonderful that you all live near each after all these years. Your meal sounded fabulous.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  10. That sounds like a nice tradition. We are still waiting on getting together with friends other than very close ones and only a few at a time in a safe way. - Margy

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