Saturday, July 7, 2012

Miss Robin - Update

The eggs have hatched. Yes, Miss Robin is now a Mother. As we were backing out of the driveway on July 3 to go to our daughters I noticed Miss Robin still sitting on her nest. Then we returned home on July 5 and I didn't see Miss Robin at all so I was kind of nervous and worried something had happened to the eggs. I came back outside a little later on my way to the gym and look what I saw.

Oh, there are two babies, look how hungry this one is, it's mouth is wide open.
So now I am thinking, "where is your Daddy, he is supposed to be feeding you? He better get here quick.

I go on to the gym and pray nothing happens to them while I am gone. This is similar to worrying about your own kids!

Ok, back from the gym, I pull in the driveway real slow with the window rolled down and hallelujah,

Daddy Robin is on the scene and feeding his babies.

Wow, all is well with Mother Nature - Judy!

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  1. What sweet photos and great news that the whole family is safe. Hope you have a great Sunday.

  2. How sweet! They are too cute with their mouths open wide like that.

  3. Oh how adorable!!!!

    That is the cutest post, Judy!

  4. How sweet! It will be such a good experience to watch these little ones grow!

  5. Yah! So glad the "birth" is completed! You got such fabulous pictures. I am waiting on my little Wren's eggs to hatch. I hope I can get them photographed. I know just what you mean re: it being like watching after your own children! I've had to place all kinds of junky stuff on my railing to keep kitty away. She was trying to jump them every time they flew out. This morning when I got up I could hear the Wrens screaching and I opened the door and sure enough, there was kitty, just lying in wait! Bad kitty!

  6. What precious pictures.I learned something though - I didn't realize the Daddy Robin feeds the babies. I have watched the Daddy Dove accept his responsibility with the family but didn't realize other species did as well.

  7. We'll imagine the pale blue sky is blue-tiful!

    Happy Blue Monday, Judy.

  8. Precious!

    My BLUES please come and see. Have a fabulous Monday!

  9. I love the little rubber-lips of baby birds.....nice captures....

  10. Lovely header! Cute photos! Hope to see you soon .JoAnn

  11. Hi Judy, thanks so much for your lovely comment at Words and Pictures. I tried really hard to say how much I loved your Red, White and Blue "Little Scrap Pieces", but the comments didn't seem to be working over there... anyway - love'em, especially the music one! And the baby robin's pretty cool too...
    Alison x

  12. How exciting!

    Visiting from Blue Monday, here's my lovely BLUE. Your comment will be greatly appreciated!!

  13. Poor baby Robin, need some worm:)

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..