Butterflies and Blooms

It is the 15th of the month so it is time for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. You are going to see lots of blooms as well as some butterflies.

Butterflies and Lantana

I enjoy taking pics of butterflies as they visit the blooms in my gardens. Lantana blooms non-stop through the growing season and butterflies are attracted to these pink and light orange puffs of the Luscious Royale Cosmo Lantana. Lantana does come in several other colors.

Butterflies and Zinnias

Zinnias are an annual that are so easy to grow and the more you cut their flowers, the more they bloom. My zinnias are still going strong even though the heat has been pretty awful.

Butterflies are attracted to Zinnias. These pics were taken early morning while the light was still soft of them drinking nectar.

The Tiger Swallowtail butterfly busy getting nectar from the bloom of a zinnia and a dahlia bloom in the background.

Butterflies and Supertunias

Many of my supertunias are fading and blooming less, this butterfly is drinking a little nectar.

Let's move on to other blooms in my gardens and no butterflies.

Hosta Blooms

I took these Hosta blooms on August 6. Just a few of them were still blooming.

Diamond Snow Euphorbia Blooms

The dainty white blooms of the Diamond Snow Euphorbia are heat and drought tolerant.

Cardinal Flower Blooms

This is the only cardinal flower in my gardens, and it has been producing intense red flowers. It is a great flower for late summer gardens and is a self-seeder. I sure hope I have more of this flower next year!

Coleus Blooms

Although most people pinch off the flowers of the Coleus plant, it does produce spikes of purple or white flower.

Beautiful Foliage

Although my Caladiums have never bloomed, they do have such eye-catching foliage.

My favorite blooms for August

Crepe Myrtles

The gorgeous blooms of the Crepe Myrtles are just stunning in August. While other blooms are fading, the crepes are still opening and blooming. 

They always put on a stunning show.

Rows of Crepe Myrtles line our front and back yards and a few in a large bed near the road.

Their beautiful flower clusters range from purple to red, pink, and white.

Thanks for stopping by to see my August Butterflies and Blooms. What are your favorite August blooms? 

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  1. Enjoyed your butterfly captures. I've only gotten into butterfly ID in the last year or so and you have a nice variety. I so wish I could grow crepe myrtles but they aren't hardy in my New York State zone (5b). I love seeing them and enjoyed yours. My zinnias grow at our community garden plot so I don't get to enjoy the butterfly activity. My lantanas have stopped blooming altogether; first time that has ever happened in many years of growing them.

  2. I have not seen many butterflies this year, so I really enjoyed seeing yours!
    Lots of pretty blooms, and your Crepe Myrtles are spectacular!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. Your flowers are so beautiful Judy, and your photography is wonderful! Such amazing closeups of those butterflies! Thanks for the moment of beauty today!

  4. Even though I also grow Lantana and Zinnias, you've had MUCH greater success than I have attracting butterflies, Judy. Your butterfly pics are beautiful. I'm considering adding a crepe myrtle to my own garden, providing I can find a mildew-resistant variety, and seeing your gorgeous specimens is helping to cement that plant ;)

  5. Beautiful blooms and butterfly captures Judy! Now I want to draw and paint more zinnias! I need to add them to my garden next summer~

  6. I've planted Caladiums before in pots and their foliage is beautiful, as are yours. Your garden appears abundant with flowers, and all those lovely butterflies attracted to them. I love your butterfly photos. Very nicely done. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

  7. Your garden is gorgeous, I could move right in with all those zinnias and lantanas, those are two of my favorites. And your butterfly pics are beautiful.

  8. Judy, what a gorgeous garden. Your pictures are beautiful and the close-ups of the butterflies are just stunning! Thanks so much for sharing all this loveliness - I have complete garden envy!

  9. Lovely post! Your butterfly shots are excellent.

  10. You have such an amazing garden. I love all your flowers and butterflies. Your close-ups of butterflies are perfect.

  11. Your garden is a pleasure for my eyes :) I love all kind of flowers, so your awesome pictures make me happy. But the photo with butterfly was "the best of the best" :D Really amazing!

  12. Lovely photos garden.

  13. Oh my goodness...your butterflies and blooms are all so gorgeous! Your post really did make me smile today with so many beautiful blooms to share. Happy Bloom Day to you!

  14. Amazing butterfly photos & abundant blooming! Me too are fond of different foliage, so your caladiums and coleus pleased me very much.

  15. Absolutely stunning!! I really enjoyed studying these photos!! I would love to visit Kentucky sometime. The south is so rich in history. visiting from Shelby on the edge The Cloudy day party. Please stop by My Big Fat Menopausal Life's blog. We have a share the wealth party and this would be such a beautiful addition!! Have a great week.

  16. Judy - I have Lantana in pots, and earlier this summer I had regular Swallowtail visitors - I put a video in my latest post. I would love to grow Zinnias in my garden, but the environment is too dry. I do have some in pots. The leaves of the Caladiums are so pretty! And you made a terrific choice to plant a row of Crepe Myrtles - very attractive! My favorite fall flower (in my garden) is Russian Sage. Enjoy the rest of August!