July Blooms

It has been so hot in our area, and we have had very little rain. I have drip hoses in place to try and help with this lack of rainfall. Today, I am sharing blooms from flowers and bushes growing around our yard, in flower beds and in pots.

Blooms in the Yard

The Red Rocket Crepe Myrtles in our front yard have just started flowering this week. They are just about my favorite summer bush. The crepes in our yard start blooming in mid-July into August.

In the first pic below, you can see the buds on the crepe myrtle. Each bud will open and become a flower in the cluster.  

They love the sun and are heat tolerant. 

Red Knock-Out Roses

Our Knock-Outs are several years old and need very little care and provide gorgeous red roses. They bloomed around Mother's Day and then again for the 4th of July. They will continue blooming all summer. I have drip hoses around them to give them lots of water.

Blooms in the Orange Flower Bed

A few years ago, my husband asked if we could have a bed that was all orange flowers. He helped me make the bed and we planted orange lilies. This bed isn't irrigated, so I'm surprised there are still blooms with our dry summer. 

There are a few lilies still blooming in another bed in the front yard.

Canas are blooming and more Black-Eyed Susan blooms in yet another bed in the front yard.

Blooms in the Garden Wall Bed

There is a 2–3-foot brick wall along our driveway before you go in the garage. The picture below was taken in May, I just wanted you to get the idea of the Garden Wall. There are two benches on the drive-way side of the wall.

On the other side of the wall is the flower bed I refer to as the Garden Wall Bed. Let's look at the flowers in this 15-foot flower bed.

There is one lone dahlia in my Garden Wall Bed, it has been a good bloomer. I bought it at a garden show, but it was only labeled as a dahlia. I am thinking it may be an Alfred Grille dahlia. If you know, please leave me a message and let me know. It is a beautiful pink color with yellow in the center. I hope to grow more dahlias next year. 

Black-Eyed Susans (rudbeckia) are in both ends of the bed. They will take over the bed if I don't try to keep them under control. The pot on the wall is an upright white verbena with only a few blooms this week. The pink blooms below the birdhouse are Cleome (spider flowers).

A close-up of the Cleome flower. 

A close-up of the verbena. 

There are a couple of Garden Phlox Flame Lilac (Tall Phlox) in the Garden Wall Bed. They started blooming in the late Spring and are still blooming.

There are a few Cone Flowers in the Garden Wall Bed. I dug so many Cone Flowers and gave them to friends in the Spring.

A Dill Plant flowering in the bed.

Candytuff (I think) growing along the edge of the Garden Wall Bed.

Flowers growing in a few pots on the Garden Wall Bed

There are several pots along the Garden Wall, the purple flowers are Calibrachoa, the pink and white are Supertunias.

This pot is a mix of flowers, the red are Supertunias, the white spiky flowers are Angelonia which is pretty drought resistant. 

These are dwarf zinnias. 

Blooms in the Shade Garden

Hostas are flowering in the shade garden.

There you have it for July. I would love to know what is blooming in your yard - Judy.

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  1. Beautiful blooms!
    Love the Dahlia!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! It has been 100 degrees for the past week so I can fully relate to the heat and watering methods.

    1. Tomorrow's temp is supposed to reach 98 here in Kentucky. I'll be out watering even though I have the drip system.

  3. So many beautiful flowers in your garden despite the drought!
    I don't even know Crepe Myrtles. Very pretty!
    Greetings from Cologne

    1. Thank you. Crepe Myrtles comes in several different types and colors. They are gorgeous, in August more flowers here are done blooming but the Crepe Myrtles are going strong. Also, I have been to Cologne when I was on a Viking River Cruise on the Rhine River. It was beautiful.

  4. Such a plethora of lovely blossoms. I have no clue what the name of that dahlia might be but it is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping to grow more dahlia next year so maybe I'll learn more about their names.

  5. Lovely gardens. We have Candytuft, as well. It's such a wonderful time of year if it is not too hot, or rainy! There needs to be a balance!

  6. Your garden is looking bright and beautiful this July, Judy, despite the hot, dry conditions. I love crepe myrtles but have steered clear of them as they're prone to mildew in my area but I understand there are some mildew-resistant varieties so I may give one a try. I think I may "need" to add some Calibrachoas too ;)

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      I don’t have trouble with mildew but the Japanese beetles love to munch on those tender leaves.

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I never get tired of seeing photos of daylilies! So pretty. (Lisa's Garden Adventures - I seem to be forced "Anonymous" again.)

  8. What a fabulous garden! I love the wonderful variety of colors. I'm starting a new garden from scratch, so I have a ways to go :)

    1. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Good luck with putting in a new garden. It’s lots of work but the end result will be rewarding.

  9. Your garden is a flowering paradise Judy, despite of the draught. I have never seen crepe myrtles in person, they look bright and stunning. I do have some other plants same as you, you have others of which I have never heard of. You have beautiful daylily varieties! I have some in orange and brown tones and they’ll probably bloom in a week. My hostas are starting, phlox are still in tight bud… your driveway is very representative. Happy gardening!

  10. Beautiful vivid colors of summer!

  11. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Crepe Myrtles are a great bush. Their blooms are gorgeous and come in several colors. They can take the heat. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Your garden is beautiful Judy with so many wonderful blooms. Your Crape Myrtle and lilies are especially gorgeous!

  13. I really have have fallen in love with your garden. You have so many beautiful varieties. Many of them I really can't grow well here in Florida. My crepe myrtle started blooming late May and blooms thru August. The peak is in June I think. I have NEVER see a red crepe myrtle and it looks so gorgeous!

  14. Beautiful blooms, I love all the shade of lilies. Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.

  15. Judy, it's all beautiful but that crepe myrtle is really a gem. Makes me want to find one for my yard! Happy week!

  16. Your garden is beautiful Judy, so many pretty blooms! My flowers are looking a little sad, they are tired of all this heat! I love crepe myrtles, they add such wonderful color, enjoy~

  17. What a lovely garden you have! And I love the color of your crepe myrtle. Mostly I see pinks and whites here.
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/07/milkweed-visitors.html

  18. Your flowers are looking so beautiful! I love gardening and have not been able to lately with temps in the 90's. I would love to grab a chair and sit near your gardens for the day. great post.
    Meagan-Decorative Inspirations

  19. Anonymous9:33 AM

    O My Goodness!! Your blooms are just so lovely!! Gorgeous!! I have been watering all my flowers by hand with a watering can to keep them alive because since i live in a townhouse, I do not have a hose hook up out back and would have to run it through the house...It is good exercise to say the least...We are supposed to have temps in the 90's all week...A heat wave here in the Northeast!!.A bit of rain today but not much...So different from last summer when all my flowers were water logged because we had so much rain!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and to leave such a sweet comment!!

  20. Nothing in our non-existent garden Judy -- I'm just here to admire your fabulous one and your talent as a gardener. I especially love the coral colored calla lily and I love your husband's orange garden (I'm partial to that color and to the pinkish orange or coral shades too.) I'm amazed at how beautifully everything is now in mid summer when it has been so hot and dry there (and pretty much everywhere I guess.)

  21. Beautiful luscious blooms! Lovely garden!

  22. What a beautiful garden and so many lovely blooms! I love gardening too, it's so very rewarding.
    Thanks so much for joining in with Monday Morning Blog Club. Hope to see you next week. :)