At the Feeders and in the Trees #43

 Filling my feeders has been a priority for me during all of the snow and ice we recently received.

Most days, I have been filling the feeders twice. You can see how the birds have flocked to the feeders. 

The cardinals are gorgeous against the snowy background. 

I feel very blessed to have so many cardinals at my feeders. Below you can see the male and the female Northern Cardinals. What a striking pair!

The female put on a show and let me capture several nice pics.

Sparrows have been visiting too. I threw some seeds out on the deck trying to make sure all the birds were getting food.

European Starlings aren't necessarily a bird people like to see on their feeders, but  have do have an interesting look with those speckles on the feathers and what a beak!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by - Judy.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos of the cardinals! Thank you!

  2. Hello, Judy!
    Great captures of the Cardinals, their red colors do really pop in the snowy backgrounds. Cute shot of the sparrow. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Wow fantastic pictures of these beautiful birds.

  4. Your feeder photos should be published in Birds & Blooms magazines! Each is a work of art.

    Thanks for choosing to share this post with us birders!

  5. Oh my! They know where to get the good food! These would make lovely Christmas cards!

  6. Wow I’m impressed with how many cardinals you have visiting! Our birds are feeding hard on the food lately. It’s hood that your keeping up on the feeding.

  7. Judy - the pictures with all of the cardinals could be professional cards! Stunning!

  8. Those Kentucky cardinals are stunningly beautiful in the snow! Just gorgeous. Memories of my Kentucky born and bred mother who loved to see them on Christmas cards (in the Cardinal-free State of Washington, where she had migrated.)

  9. Wonderful series of images. The sheer number of cardinals is stunning. I usually have two each day, rarely three, but never in the numbers you show here.